onsdag 15 augusti 2018

Hiking Edwin ❤

 ❤ Hi there! ❤
The summervacation is over and I
have so many nice summermemories
to think about and remember 
until next summer!

I made this card a while ago.
I used Hiking Edwin and Hiking background
from Magnolias Turning leaves 2012.

Dies from Magnolia called Doohickey dies
and from Tim Holtz.

 ❤ I have a very nice memory from the first 
time I coloured Hiking Edwin.
Me and my friend Camilla was visiting
our sweet friends in Norway.
It took me 3 days to finnish Edwin
taking a walkabout in the woods!
Well we had a lot to talk about 😄
How could I ever imagine I was going to meet
my own Edwin for life taking many walkabout
together in the woods? ❤

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