Distress Ink

Here you can see my tutorail with Distress ink reinkers
from 2011.

I colour with Distress reinkers from Ranger.
It´s a refill for Rangers inkpads. The colour is very rich
of pigment so I use just a small drop and mix it with water.
I love the Distress Inks as it gives life in to my images and
I can mix the colours with each other to get some special
tone I want to match some designpapers or embellishments.
To get shadows I usually mix the colour I use with a little
Black Sooth, and add it where I want the colour to be darker.
I also use Walnut stain sometimes to make shadows.

I have tried many different types of paper and different qualites
during these years and I prefer aquarellpaper 300 grams when
I colour images with distress ink. I have found out that this paper
works best for me as I want to go back many times and add more
colour to the same area, to create shaddows.
When I need small pieces of paper for example
texts I sometimes use less thick paper, like 200-250 grams.

I use small brushes nowadays, like 1 and 00. When I started to
clour with distress Ink I used bigger brushes. But as I have been
practising this colouring for several years now I can handle smaller
brushes. It´s a little tricky for beginners as a small brush can´t keep
as much water as a big brush can. Here is some of the "keys" to get
that special touch with distress inks: Use just a little water, colour
pretty fast with small cirkle moves and work in small areas at the
same time.

I have tried copics but I am still just in the beginning of learning
about these markers. I love the brushtip but I still need a lot of
time to practice as it is different from my regular type of colouring.