tisdag 29 december 2009

Another birtdaycard in blue...

I have had a little craftingbreak here for some time
now but I hope I soon will be back on track again.
Today I show you another birtdaycard that comes
in blue colours. Tilda is just adorable and she suits
for many ocations. I borrowed the text from a friend,
can´t remember where it comes from...

I´ve cutted Tilds wings and pushed them up a bit
so there is a nice 3d-effect.

And so the whole card. I have painted with
distress ink refills on aquarellpaper as always...

By the way, have you heard that Tim Holtz is
releasing new distress colours at CHA 2010???
I am really looking forward to try them out!

torsdag 10 december 2009

A blue birtdaycard...

I have made decoations out of
paperclay from a tip here.

I have used Magnoliastamps and pressed
them into the clay. It´s so simple and
makes so nice decorations that is light enough
to put on cards!

On this card I have used Silent Night Tilda.

Here you can see the decoration.
When the clay have dried I used distress ink,
ordinary watercolours, stickles and dabbers on.

Thanks for popping by!

söndag 6 december 2009

Lovely sunday...

Oh, this have been such a lovely sunday!
I have been to my regular craftingdate
with my craftmates. It gives me such
pleasure and joy, it´s hard to describe...
We´re laughing, eating and crafting together.
But everyone who have the happiness to
be a part in such friendly crafting team
knows what I am talking about! And my
friends in this crafting group is extraordinary...
...so kind and funny and caring...Ingela gave us
christmasgifts that she have been knitting in extra
fast superspeed.... Gloves to every one of us....
Thanks my dear dear friend.....:o)

Today I made this bottledecorations to hang at a
bottle of "glögg"/hot wine/Gluewine" to give away
this evening. All stamps comes from Magnolia
and so does the paper. The roses comes from
Wild orchid crafts and the leaves are a punch from
Mc Gill that I borrowed from Marie-Louise today.
I just love that one...Yes, Santa- I have been veeerry
nice this year...;o)
The snowflakes comes from my new Marta Steward
punch, that I´ve bougt in Magnolias shop in Borås.

A closeup:

Another closeup:

Almost the whole decoration:

And here you can se the whole thing:

Have a nice evening and thanks for
popping by!

tisdag 1 december 2009

And the winner is..........

First of all I want to thank everyone that
has respond to my blogcandy!!!It is amazing
how many that loves Magnolias stamps...:o)

All your loving comments makes me so happy
and gives me so much energy, thank you!




I had my daughter (6 years) to draw a winner
out of the bowl with paperpieces of all the numbers...
and the winner is...............................................





Moa E!!!!

"Jag vill jättegärna vara med i jul candyn.
Har ingen egen blogg.
Hoppas det går bra ändå. Du gör så fina kort.
Hälsningar Moa E".
Moa, send me your adress and the stamps
will come with the mailman!

söndag 29 november 2009

So many things I want to do...

...and so little time...I wish I could stop working
for some time and just try all of the idéas I have.
But you don´t get rich of this hobby ( as we all are
very aware of...;o) ) so I guess I´ll just have to go
to work as usual tomorrow. I am a lucky girl that
loves my work so I´m not really complaining, I just
wish the day had more hours.

Once again I took a trip to Magnolias shop to deliver
some secret projects for Magnolia Ink No 2. There
are several things I can´t show you yet, it has to be
my little secret for some time...Right now I am
working on my last project and I hope to finnish it
before deadline....So I am just teasing you today with
this sneakpeak and wish all of you a real nice
first Advent Sunday!

Don´t forget to leave a comment here
to join my Blogcandy, the 1th of December
I will announce a winner!

söndag 22 november 2009

I give away some Christmascandy...

As I told you yesterday I took a trip to Magnolias
shop in Borås.I can recommend all of you that
haven´t been there yet, to make a visit there!
It´s like walking into a fairytale...so many lovely cards
and other projects to look at and admire...

I promised a blogcandy when I had reached 10.000
visitors, and soon I have. Can´t belive it and I am so
greatful for all kind and nice comments you leave!
Your support means a lot to me and here is my
Christmascandy for someone to win:

Some Christmasdecorations; flowers, lace,
organza, goldstars, green Qk-leaves, charms,
red reindeers, cakepaper, two small stamps from
Magnolia, and brand new "Silent Night Tilda".

All you have to do have a chance to win
is to link to my Christmascandy at your
blog and then make a little comment here
beneath. Ofcourse you can join this candy
even if you don´t run a blog, just leavde a
comment and your name! The 1th of
December I will announce the winner of
this candybag.

Good luck!

lördag 21 november 2009


Today I will go to Magnolias shop in Borås
with a friend of mine. I have to pick some real
nice things for my coming blogcandy , I have nearly
reached 10.000 visitors so I will soon show the candy.

I feel like a child on Christmaseve...

Have a nice day all of you, see you soon!

söndag 15 november 2009

Christmascard in pink...

I have made a Christmas card in pink for
the november challenge at StampARTic.
All stamps comes from Magnolia.

I have notices that I have soon reached 10.000
visiters sence I opened my Magnoliablogg in june!
It´s soon time for a bloggcandy to celebrate that
so many wants to visit my blogg!!!
Pay attention so you don´t miss this party.

Have a nice sunday all of you. I am going to my
regular scrapmeeting with my friends today and
I will hopefully come home with a bunch of new
Christmascrads in my bag. Well, that´s my intention
anyway...Usually I don´t get that much done when
we meet, I drink coffee and laugh and have a real good
time but don´t really work as much as I was planned...
Do you recognize that?????? *LOL*

Thanks for visiting my blogg!
Don´t forget to leave a note before you go.

söndag 8 november 2009

About reciepes....

I got a question from my Dt-partner Camilla
about what glimmermist I uses. Camilla have
seen my cards in Magnolias shop where they
are shimmering like stardust ...I really love to
add some mist on my cards, it brings that little
extra into a homemade card. Well I have
a reciepe on homemade glimmermist to share
with you today. When I found this I realized I will
never ever by any expensive glimermist again!

My homemade glimmermist
You need:
*I bottle of Opalite
*Minimister (it´s really great to use this beacuse
it brings perfect small drops of mist but any spray-
bottle will do)

Opalite is a "reflectice interference ink"
The colour is golden mist.
Here is a picture:

Fill the minimister with water, amost full. Add some
drops of Opalite and shake well. Try it on a piece of
paper, if you want more glimmer just add a few drops
opalite and try again. You can also add som drops of
distress ink refill if you want a certian colour on your
mist. I usually uses just oplaite and water myself.

TIP: I alway spray up in the air and then put the card
under the falling drops, I NEVER spray direct onto the
card. (I stand in my garage doing this...) I keep doing
this until I am satisfied with the result.

Good luck with your glimmermist!

This sundaymorning I also want to show you two
more pages in Tildas reciepebook. The cute stamps
comes from Magnolia and also the sweet paper.
it´s great to mix stamps from different collections
in a special project like this. I do love magnolias
textstamps a lot!

Thanks for looking, don´t forget to leave a note
before you go!

torsdag 5 november 2009

Hot chocolate...

Sorry I haven´t been able to show you next page
in Tildas receipebook as I promised...
Well, here it comes anyway! The papers are from
Magnolias own line and the stamps also.

The reciepe is for Hot chocolate, that is something
real nice and cosy these cold days up in north!
With cream and marsmallows it gets real yummie.

Thanks for looking!

måndag 2 november 2009

Tildas recipebook...

Finally I am done with this dt-project for Magnolia.
It took me several day to finnish it and I haven´t
counted the hours....

I have made a recipebook with mostly stamps
from the "Yummie-collection". All papers are
from Magnolias own line, they are so great to work

This i the frontpage. I have painted all images
with distress ink on aquarellpaper 300 gram.






Do you want to see more??

I show another page in the recipebook here
and tomorrow I show you more....

Thanks for stopping by!

lördag 31 oktober 2009

torsdag 29 oktober 2009

A bagcard...

...for Magnolia that didn´t make it into
the magazine. You can see it for real if
you visit Magnolias shop in Borås in Sweden.
The patterned paper is also from Magnolia.

I have sprayed homemaid glimmermist on
the flowers so they have a nice golden shimmer.

Here is a closeup at Tilda, isn´t this stamp just

Thanks for looking!

tisdag 27 oktober 2009

Winter vintage...

This wintercard I made for Magnolia Ink
magazine No 1, but it didn´t make it into the
magazine- so I belive it´s now ok to show it
to you. I have used a backgroundstamp that
was released last year and this little Tilda
that is a new stamp that will be released soon!

I have made the patterned paper myself out
of a snowflakestamp from last year, white
embossingpowder and distress ink vintage

I have used stickles star dust and gold to get
that crispy winter and elegant touch.

A closeup at cute Tilda:

Tomorrow I will show next project that didn´t
make it into the magazine.

Thanks for looking!//Lillemor

söndag 25 oktober 2009

Magnolia Ink and scrapmeeting!

This weekend is a very busy weekend for me!
Many nice things is happening but usually weekends
passes too fast! First Magnolia Ink has landed in my
postbox as I am one of the DT:s in it, so ecxiting!
I can tell that there is o lot to look at and there is
many beatiful cards and projects.

Today I am going to my regular scrapmeeting
with a couple of friends. I am only going to colour
images today as we´re also having birthdayparty
for my son later tonight...I don´t want to pack all
my bags as I usually do when I go scrapping, it
takes a lot of time just packing/unpacking..... :o)

I wish you alla nice sunday!//Lillemor

tisdag 20 oktober 2009

While waiting...

While we all are waiting for Magnolia Ink Magazine
I want to show you a Dtcard I have made with stamps
from "Yummie for your tummie"-collection 2009.

All material comes from Magnolia, papers, ribbons
and flowers.

I just love the stamps from this collection and I am
working on another project that will take som time...
But the one who waits for some goodies...never waits
to long!

Thanks for popping by and don´t forget to leave
a little note before you go! /Lilllemor

söndag 18 oktober 2009

Soon is Magnolia Ink out!

Soon soon you will be able to order your
very own issue of Magnolia Ink Magazine!
In Sweden you can by it at Pressbyrån eller
Coop m.m.

Here you can have a look at the whole frontpage
and the fabolous card made by Chris Dark!

Thanks Camilla for showing your magazine
for us who almost could kill for having the
whole weekend with the first sample!

Next week I will show you my contributions
to the magazine, so keep your eyes wide open!


fredag 16 oktober 2009

So spooky #4

Today I show a DT-card for Magnolia.
I have used three new stamps from the collection
"So spooky". The papers are from Magnolias own
line, I just love them!

I have painted with distress in on aquarellpaper.
All material comes from Magnolia.

Have a nice weekend!//Lillemor

torsdag 15 oktober 2009

StampArtic is having a Halloween-challenge!

Todays card is made for StampARTics teme-challenge
in October. You are supposed to make a card for
Halloween. How nice isn´t that challenge?
I have used this new Tilda from Magnolias
"So spooky" and papers from their own line.
The backgroundstamp and the lovely textstamp
comes also from the same collection.
I have made black flowers out of ordinary
white paperflowers. I mixed distress ink refill
black sooth whit opalite in my mini mister.
It works perfect and I really like black flowers
on Halloweencards, it looks elegant and spooky
at the same time!

I just love this beatiful text:

Thanks for popping by!//Lillemor

måndag 12 oktober 2009

So spooky #3

As I told you before I do not usually make any
halloweencards, I didn´t even own any halloween-
stamps before...Now I am the lucky owner of
Magnolias "So spooky"-collection and I have to
admit...I just might get addicted to making cards
in these colours and with these lovely papers!
The papers comes from Magnolias own line and
they are called "so spooky" of course! Aren´t
they just lovely? I can assure you that the
quality of these papers are just great to!

The whole card:

The text is embossed on black cardstock.

Sweet Tilda:

Thanks for looking, don´t forget to leave a little
note before you leave! //Hugs Lillemor

lördag 10 oktober 2009

Dt-kort #2 Halloween

Tonight I am sharing my second card for Magnolia
in the "so spooky" collection. The stamps are now
availible in Magnolias shop! The papers are from
Magnolias own line with the same name, "so spooky".

I have painted with distress ink on aquarellepaper.

The little scary tag says:

Have a nice evening!//Lillemmor