söndag 29 november 2009

So many things I want to do...

...and so little time...I wish I could stop working
for some time and just try all of the idéas I have.
But you don´t get rich of this hobby ( as we all are
very aware of...;o) ) so I guess I´ll just have to go
to work as usual tomorrow. I am a lucky girl that
loves my work so I´m not really complaining, I just
wish the day had more hours.

Once again I took a trip to Magnolias shop to deliver
some secret projects for Magnolia Ink No 2. There
are several things I can´t show you yet, it has to be
my little secret for some time...Right now I am
working on my last project and I hope to finnish it
before deadline....So I am just teasing you today with
this sneakpeak and wish all of you a real nice
first Advent Sunday!

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7 kommentarer:

  1. Hi Lillemor What can we say but even the little sneak peak looks gorgeous lol. luv gina xx

  2. I will be waiting for this project. It looks beautiful.
    Thank you again for my gift, the card is on my workingtable so I can see it every day!
    Hugs Ingela

  3. Åhh, detta ser spännande ut. :o) Så fint du fått med snöflingorna på bloggen.

  4. Detta kan man ju inte missa!!
    Vacker header du har!!!
    Kram Linapyssel

  5. Man blir riktigt nyfiken av tjuvkiken! Ska man verkligen behöva vänta tills Magnolia Ink kommer ut? Det blir som att vänta på tomten när man var liten! Ja ,ja , jag får väl ge mig till tåls då.....:o)
    Kram Lotta

  6. This project promises to be gorgerous!!!

  7. So pretty. I will check back to see the whole project.


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