söndag 8 november 2009

About reciepes....

I got a question from my Dt-partner Camilla
about what glimmermist I uses. Camilla have
seen my cards in Magnolias shop where they
are shimmering like stardust ...I really love to
add some mist on my cards, it brings that little
extra into a homemade card. Well I have
a reciepe on homemade glimmermist to share
with you today. When I found this I realized I will
never ever by any expensive glimermist again!

My homemade glimmermist
You need:
*I bottle of Opalite
*Minimister (it´s really great to use this beacuse
it brings perfect small drops of mist but any spray-
bottle will do)

Opalite is a "reflectice interference ink"
The colour is golden mist.
Here is a picture:

Fill the minimister with water, amost full. Add some
drops of Opalite and shake well. Try it on a piece of
paper, if you want more glimmer just add a few drops
opalite and try again. You can also add som drops of
distress ink refill if you want a certian colour on your
mist. I usually uses just oplaite and water myself.

TIP: I alway spray up in the air and then put the card
under the falling drops, I NEVER spray direct onto the
card. (I stand in my garage doing this...) I keep doing
this until I am satisfied with the result.

Good luck with your glimmermist!

This sundaymorning I also want to show you two
more pages in Tildas reciepebook. The cute stamps
comes from Magnolia and also the sweet paper.
it´s great to mix stamps from different collections
in a special project like this. I do love magnolias
textstamps a lot!

Thanks for looking, don´t forget to leave a note
before you go!

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  1. Is there another name for Opalite, as i dont recall ever hearing of it before you posted this. I have used perfect pearls to make shimerz with a bit of gum arabic is it the same thing

  2. Hej!
    Tack för tipset om glimmer misten. :o)
    Det måste provas!

    Sidorna ur receptboken är jättefina.
    Söta färger och detaljer.
    Din målning är så fin.

    Ha det bra,
    många kramar från Hanna

  3. These pages are Gorgeous!!..and what a great idea to make your own glimmer mist...TFS!..Hugs, Ila

  4. Underbar sida med massor av undrebara kort! Denna opalite du anväder heter den Opalite golden mist?

  5. Hello Lillemor,
    I love this project. The papers are gorgeous. Just wondering if you know when our Magnolia winter club kits are going to be arriving. I haven't seen anyone doing any cards with new Magnolia stamps. Wondering if we'll have them in time for Christmas.
    Hugs xx

  6. I wonder where have you bought your opalite?


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