söndag 28 februari 2010

Dt-card #2...

Hi everyone!

Tonight I want to show you a new Dt-card.
I have used my new stamp "Honey-Tilda",
isn´t she a darling???
I just looove her!
The text is Magnolias too, I bought it last
time i visited the shop in Borås.

The pink paper comes from Magnolias own line.
So does also the leaves and
the big pink roses with lace.
I have added ink and stickles to the roses.
At the edge I Have used Distress crackle paint
Tattered rose and Dabbers Pearl.
I just went a little mad this evening with the
paint...wanted to do something different...
I have not decided yet if I really like
the result or not...

I have used Marta Steawart Border punch "Lattice".

Bye bye for this time.

lördag 27 februari 2010

Hoppy Easter...

For all of us who lives in the neighbourhood
and for all of you who wants to dream...
Magnolia are going to release new products
the 13th of Mars in their shop in Borås.

Rubberstamps; Hoppy Easter, Pirates, princesses,
prince and wedding, papers and flowers...
I will certainly go there, will you come too?
See you there!

torsdag 25 februari 2010

Hoppy Easter collection 2010...

Hi everybody!
I guesss nobody have missed this news...;o)
Magnolia have a new Easter collection
coming out soon. So cute, so cute....

Here you can preorder and see the whole collection.
I just love them!!!

I have just finnished my work for Magnolia Ink 3
and it´s gonna show up at Magnolias office today.
So now I am working on my regular Dt-cards,
and I hope to be able to show you
some new things again in a short while.

Hold on, I´m soon back again!
Have a nice day and thanks for
visiting my blog!

torsdag 18 februari 2010

Dt-card #1

Today I want to show you a Dt-card for Magnolia.
I´s a pretty simple layout whith focus on the
image and the text.

I have used "Tilda picking lilacs" from
Chasing butterflies collection 2009
and the great text "friends fill"from
pet/animal collection 2009.

It happened to be a little misstake when I was
stamping the text. As I had not made up my mind what
text to use for this card, I started painting the image first.
There is always a little risk doing this if you want to
place the text right beside your painted image...

When I finally came up with the idea to use this
text, the image was ready and done.
But I did not ink it up properly so
there was a lousy first result...
But I am not the kind of person that just throws
hours of work away so I took a chance and
inked the text up again...put it where I thought
it would be...and- it turned out pretty well,
or what do you think?

A closeup at the flowers.
The pink "lilly" is from Magnolias shop.
I have inked the flowers with distresspad "vintage photo"
and then added som stickles to them.
Now I have to go back to my secret projects
for next Magnolia Ink!
Have a nice day and thanks for
dropping by!

tisdag 16 februari 2010

My trip to Magnolia...

...Back home again!
Today I went to Magnolias shop in Borås with my
dear friend Ingela, thanks for the company sweetie!
It was so nice to go on a little "adult-trip", having some
hours for my self. But when I comes to Magnolia I am
like a child in a candystore...;o).

Are you curious how it looks like?
Please be my guest on this little tour!

This is how it looks outside the shop.
Nothing fancy, you might almost miss it
if you don´t know what´s inside!
It´s easy to find the way here though,
and there is a lot of parkingplaces around.

Inside the door the "famous" suitcase...
I always take a look inside of it!

Right to the left you find the big rubberstamptable...
Right in front of you the most rescient collection.
If there is some stamp you might not find, just ask
John or some of the girls- they will help you!

At the backside there is always a lot going on...
A lot of people are now employed by Magnolia,
working with different things in this growing company.

You can also enjoy taking a good look at all the beatiful
things from the designteam. Here you find things shipped
from all over the world! There is so many different
styles and technices to see, it´s like a real goldmine
for scrappers and cardmakers!

On the other side there is even more stamps
to choose among....

Except all the sweet rubberstamps, Magnolia also
have papers, flowers, laces, different embellishments,
punches, qk and everything you might need...

Magnolia have several different collection of flowers.
Nowadays they also have their own line of papers,
there will soon be new once awalible...

Just like candy...Embossingpowders in different
colours, and even with different smells!

When you pay before you leave Magnolias shop,
John puts everything into bags with a smile ;o !

Thanks for this time and
see you soon Barbro and John!

måndag 15 februari 2010

Tomorrow I will go to Magnolias shop!

Today I want to share my happiness with
all of you who visits my blog!
Tomorrow I will take a trip to Magnolias
shop in Borås...I am so excited!
It always make me so happy going there,
to this beatiful fairyland with all the lovely images
that Pauline draws.

I have been there several times before and this time
I promise to bring my camera, so I can share my
trip with you! I have noticed that there is
almost no photos at the shop out on the web,
but now there soon will be...

See you tomorrow!

lördag 13 februari 2010

Some pictures from Cha...

Today I want to share some pictures
from CHA 2010. I found some things
made by the Dt:s from Magnolia here.

Have a nice weekend!

söndag 7 februari 2010

Happy birthday!

I have made a foldercard with a tag inside.
I have used purple and pink papers.
The text is from Magnolia.

Here you can se the tag.
I have used the stamp
"Right Through My Heart Cupid Tilda",
she is really my favourite right now!
She also comes from Magnolia.

I have painted Tilda with Distress Ink
on aquarellpaper 300 gr.
I really like this thick paper, it´s easy
to work with many layers of ink
without ruin it!
Now I long for the new distresscolours
from Tim Holtz. There is some I am
very curious about to try.
Have anybody tried them out yet???


I just want to show you where I live.
I have 3 minutes walk to this:

Isn´t it just beatiful!???
So I spend some time here with my family
going downhill.
When I come inside it´s great to have
a cup of hot coffee and sit down at my craftingtable!
Thanks for visiting me and have
a nice sunday!

måndag 1 februari 2010

You know the theme...

..It´s birtday and celebration!
Today I want to show you a simple card I made
for a young man. He likes to cook and to eat so
I think "chef-Edwin" is perfect for this card!
The stamps comes from Magnolia.

I have put a tag behind Edwin.
On the tag this text is embossed
with blue glitter embossingpowder:

A closeup:

Have a nice day and thanks
for visting me!