tisdag 30 mars 2010

Fairytale Tilda...


It´s almost impossible to choose any favourite
among Magnolias new stamps...They are all so
adorable, but this little darling is one of my
dearest right now!

♥ Fairytale Tilda ♥

The flowers comes from Wildorchid crafts.
The butterflies is Karen Marie clip from Panduro.

The papers: My Minds Eye "quite contrary".
Leavepunch: Marta Stewart.
I have tried my sewingmachine and attaced
the papers to the panels.

I have used distress ink refills:
Skin: tattered rose+vintage photo
Dress: bundled sage
Frog: peeled paint
Flowers, lace on dress: victorian velvet
Wings: broken china
Hair: Antique linnen+vintage photo

I have distresessed the background with
blending tool + broken china distress ink pad.
The paper edges are inked with
walnut stain distress ink pad.

Now I have to go back to my livingroom,
there is still some work to be done there!

Have a nice day!

måndag 29 mars 2010

About storage...

I always keep looking for cheep and functional
storage. Ansi asked me how I keep my
laces and ribbons.

I bought these doublesided boxes at Ö&B
for about 30 swedish kr. I have several of them.
I have my ribbons organised by colour.
The best thing about them is that they are so
easy to bring when I pack my things for a scrapmeeting!

More storage...
My Dt-friend Camilla has this lovely sweet little storage
for her distresses. This is how my looks, a box from Rusta
with 18 little rooms for my distress inks. I think you have
counted it out that it is not place for all colours...
That is the problem right now... I have some colours
in ink pads- so I just rub them to some plastic and pick
the colour from there- BUT now Mr Holtz made 12
new colours so I really have to have a new distress

I love flowers!!! I keep my Magnoliaflowers in a
special little bucket so I easily can find my Dt-stuff.
My own flowers I keep like this, in boxes from IKEA
In here I have my flowers from wildorchidcrafts.

Here I have my other paperflowers.
I use some small boxes from IKEA and some
big openes cans that I got from my husband.
Have YOU any smart storagetip?
please be free to share them with me
and I love to watch photos from different
craftingplaces... ;o)
Have a nice monday!
I have to go back to work now.
Not my ordinary job, I have eastervacation now.
No, I am repainting my livingroom.
The ceiling and the walls are going to have
some nice new painting before the weekend,
so I´d better get started now!

söndag 28 mars 2010

Creativa and my scraproom...

This morning I was sitting with my morningcoffee
in front of the computor doing my bloground.
Look here what I found in Monis wonderful blog,
That is one of my favouriteblogs btw!

I can see my recipebook, piratecard, little album
for CHA, and the princesscard at Creativa.
How fun to think about my cards travelling
the world around with Barbro and John from Magnolia.
I just wish I could come too and meet all the talented

Today I want to show you some photos from
my craftingspace. It´s a pretty small place-
it´s actually a wardrobe 2x2 meters.
But I love it and it´s great to have a door so
I can close to the "craftingmess" that appears in
there now and then...

I have my craftingtable to the right and a smaller
table to put my cuttlebug and laptop on to the left.

On the left side I have things I don´t need
to have right next to me. I also keep cards and gifts
from my craftingfriends here at a special place.

My craftingtable.
I don´t have any fancy bottles and bags- I want to
keep it functional and cheep and spend my money on
paper, flowers and stamps instead!

Is there something special you want to see/know
about my little craftingplace- just give me a question
and I will show you!
Have a nice sunday and thanks for
visiting me today!

torsdag 25 mars 2010

Tilda with 3 roses...

Hi there!
Now I soon will have eastervacation...
10 days wich I can spend how I like,
it feels wonderful!

I want to show you a card with this little
sweetie, Tilda with 3 roses...she is a true
darling! And I have used "open gate" behind
this little miss.

A have cut out a part of the flowers around the gate.

The lovely tulips is from Magnolias own line of flowers.

Here is the entire card:

The papers is from Grahpic 45 and
My Minds Eye.
Have a nice weekend!

onsdag 24 mars 2010

Tilda with presents...

This wednesday I show you a Dt-card with
Tilda with presents. Such a cute stamp
that suits many occations!

The flowers is Magnolias own.
I am not very satisfied with how the big
roses turned out...They are perhaps a little to big
for cards, but I love the colour!

The ribbon and the lace is also from Magnolia.

The pink paper is...
from Magnolias own line, called
"A little yummie for your tummy"-
Pink Cheif Plaid.

Both texts are from Magnolia.
Have anice evening and thanks
for stopping by!

måndag 22 mars 2010


Tonight I want to show you this Dt-card.
I have used this Tilda that is soon to be
released in Sweden, don´t know her name...

I have used some of my new distresses,
the green (bundled sage) and the blue
(stormy sky).
Brown Dress: Frayed Burlap.
Hair: antique linnen + vintage photo
Skin: tattered Rose+ Vintage Photo
Cheeks: Aged Mahogny+ Fired Brick
To the edges I have mixed some
Black Sooth in the colour, to get a sharper

The flowers comes from Magnolia
and so does the paper and organza.

The text is from 2009.

I have used my absolutley favourite-
stickles om the flower: Star Dust.

Thanks for visiting me today,
have a nice evening!

lördag 20 mars 2010

♥ Magnolia Ink No 3...

The Dt:s have worked real hard and soon
the third issue of Magnolia Ink is out!
Here you can preorder the next magazine.

It looks like a dream to me....
Don´t know exactly when it´s avalible yet-
but the last issue says in april!

fredag 19 mars 2010

Tilda with frog...

Friday again...time really flies these days.
Today I show you a card with a new
stamp from Magnolias most rescent collection.
I am not sure if she is avalible for sale
yet, but I bought her last saturday in
Borås- so I guess she soon will be!
EDIT: Here you can see the whole collection
and even preorder your new favourites!
Her name is Fairytale Tilda.

I have used Victorian Velvet for the dress,
a new distress colour from Ranger.
It´s such a lovely oldpink colour.

The whole card.
The paper is from Graphic 45.

Have a nice weekend!

tisdag 16 mars 2010

Ladybug with new distress colours...

Tonight I want to give this card to everybody
who visits my blog! I am so greatful for all
of those nice comments you leave, it
really warms my heart!
I always read them and also tries to go
back to your blogs to see who you are.
Now I have cleaned up my craftingtable in
my minicraftingroom (I don´t mind-
small is cosy!) so now I am free to try out
all my new stamps and other goodies that
I bought last saturday.

I have used the image "Ladybug Tilda"
from Magnolia that is a new stamp from 2010.
The brown tulips is Magnolias own flowers
that comes in several different colours.

I have tried my new distress ink colours.
Victorian Velvet (pink) + little Black Sooth.
The green is Bundled Sage.
To the hair: Pumiced Stone+Vintage Photo.
The ladybugs "body": Weathered Wood.
Around the image I have used Stormy Sky (blue).
Skin: Tattered rose+ Vintage Photo.

I love Tildas hair like this, long and curly!

The paper is Maja Design.

And here is the whole card.
Have a nice evening and thanks for
stopping by!


lördag 13 mars 2010

Piratestamps from Magnolia...

Today I have been to the Nordic stampevent in Borås.
First I stopped by at Magnolias shop to leave
my Dt-cards and to meet my friends Camilla
and SasSa. There were so much people there...
Suddenly it became crowded and I hope
everone got what they came for.

This is my latest Dt-card that I left in the
shop today. I just love these little pirates...
They are so funny to work with!

The paper is Melissa Franches. All the
material comes from Magnolia.

I have painted with distress ink refill.
The stickles is Platinum.

Closeup at the Primaflower.

The text was released last year.

Today I bought four new distress ink refills!
I choosed: victorian velvet, stormy sky,
bundled sage and pumice stone.
I can´t wait to try them, but first I have to
clean up my craftingtable in my closeth.
It´s relly a mess right now so I have forced
myself to NOT try any of my goodies (that I
bought at the event today) until there is some
order in my "creative room".
I also bought papers, stamps, pearls flowers
and other most necessary things for a lady
in my age (40+)!
Have a nice sunday and thanks for
visiting my blog!

fredag 12 mars 2010

Hoppy Easter collection 2010...

I have made this Dt-card with Magnolias little
"chicken in egg" from the
Hoppy Easter collection 2010.

I have made a little shakewindow
with small glasspearls inside.

The frontside.
I have cut the eggshape with a sissor.

Backside and frontside together.

Closeup at the cute chicken.
I have painted with distress in refills.

Have a nice weekend!
Tomorrow I will go to Magnolias shop in
Borås. I am looking forward to meet Camilla,
my Dt-friend. I will also meet SasSa tomorrow
at the Nordic stampingevent.
I can´t wait until tomorrow!!!

Big hugs from