lördag 13 mars 2010

Piratestamps from Magnolia...

Today I have been to the Nordic stampevent in Borås.
First I stopped by at Magnolias shop to leave
my Dt-cards and to meet my friends Camilla
and SasSa. There were so much people there...
Suddenly it became crowded and I hope
everone got what they came for.

This is my latest Dt-card that I left in the
shop today. I just love these little pirates...
They are so funny to work with!

The paper is Melissa Franches. All the
material comes from Magnolia.

I have painted with distress ink refill.
The stickles is Platinum.

Closeup at the Primaflower.

The text was released last year.

Today I bought four new distress ink refills!
I choosed: victorian velvet, stormy sky,
bundled sage and pumice stone.
I can´t wait to try them, but first I have to
clean up my craftingtable in my closeth.
It´s relly a mess right now so I have forced
myself to NOT try any of my goodies (that I
bought at the event today) until there is some
order in my "creative room".
I also bought papers, stamps, pearls flowers
and other most necessary things for a lady
in my age (40+)!
Have a nice sunday and thanks for
visiting my blog!

18 kommentarer:

  1. Oh she so very cute. I see Magnolia in Dortmund next saturday and I hope I find it.
    So very sweet. Thank you for your message.
    Sorry for my english I can not.
    Regards Renate

  2. WOW ... these new Stamps are sooo sweet ... I can not get enough of these sweet Tildas and Edwins and I hope they are coming soon in my favorite Shop ... the design of your card with all the little details is sooo wonderful :0)))


  3. You have done a beautiful card using these gorgeous images!

  4. such a cute card!!!
    xoxo BA

  5. Lillemor this is such a beautiful card! Love the colors and all the details you've added, just gorgeous! And let me tell ya, you are going to LOVE these new distress colors, they are fantastic! I guess you were pretty quick in cleaning up your crafting area?! - LOL


  6. Your card is beautiful Lillemor! :)
    I just love these little pirates. They are so cute.
    Your new distress refills are great choice, just the same what I´m about to buy. :)
    Your crafting area sounds like mine ;) I can´t figure it out, who always mess my table so badly..?? ;)

    Have a lovely day :)
    Lots of hugs,

  7. This little pirates are very cute.
    I love your card.Nice paper too.

    Hugs Esther

  8. I love your card, and the pirats are great ,love your card xx these are so cute

  9. You have made such a sweet and fun card. I just love it.

  10. Hello Lillemor,

    As usual a beautiful card! I love those pirates. I can't wait until they arrive in Holland. I love this design and the colours, they match perfect with the subject. Have a great week!

    Lots of Hugs,
    Monique xxx

  11. Hejsan Vännen!
    Jag måste bara tacka för igår:)
    Vad roligt vi hadde, och jag är så glad för mina små pirater jag fick med mig hem.
    Du har inspirerat massor med dina fina kort Lillemor, och dina pirater är helt underbara.
    Kramar Camilla

  12. Hejsan!
    Jag tror jag såg dig och Camilla i kön på Magnolia igår, visste inte om jag skulle hälsa:o)
    Toppen kort, VÄLDIGT fint med lila!
    Jag var sugen på att köpa piraterna, men det blev så mycket annat...
    Kram Ansi

  13. Jättesött kort!
    Jag har velat ha dom sär piraterna sedan jag såg dina kort i magnolia ink, dom var verkligen supersöta :) I lördags fick en av dom följa med mig hem tillsammans med några av dom andra nya stämplarna :)

  14. Oh wow just amazing !!! I love little pirates with these colors, really too sweety !!!
    Gorgeous creation as usual !!!
    Mag :)

  15. Wow Lillemor! Simply adorable :)

  16. Åååå så nyydeligt Lillemor!! Herlige farger og de pirat stemplene er bare så skjønne!! Har en liten Pirat Tilda på vei hjem til meg! =)

    Var så missunnelig på dere som var i Borås i helgen, men det hørtes jammen ut som det var mye folk der!!!!



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