söndag 28 mars 2010

Creativa and my scraproom...

This morning I was sitting with my morningcoffee
in front of the computor doing my bloground.
Look here what I found in Monis wonderful blog,
That is one of my favouriteblogs btw!

I can see my recipebook, piratecard, little album
for CHA, and the princesscard at Creativa.
How fun to think about my cards travelling
the world around with Barbro and John from Magnolia.
I just wish I could come too and meet all the talented

Today I want to show you some photos from
my craftingspace. It´s a pretty small place-
it´s actually a wardrobe 2x2 meters.
But I love it and it´s great to have a door so
I can close to the "craftingmess" that appears in
there now and then...

I have my craftingtable to the right and a smaller
table to put my cuttlebug and laptop on to the left.

On the left side I have things I don´t need
to have right next to me. I also keep cards and gifts
from my craftingfriends here at a special place.

My craftingtable.
I don´t have any fancy bottles and bags- I want to
keep it functional and cheep and spend my money on
paper, flowers and stamps instead!

Is there something special you want to see/know
about my little craftingplace- just give me a question
and I will show you!
Have a nice sunday and thanks for
visiting me today!

6 kommentarer:

  1. great pictures of your smeel crafting room, you make lovely cards there xx

  2. Your crafting room is nice and you make beautiful cards.
    Hugs Renate

  3. looks like a very creative space! I would love to sit there and craft! so organised! love it! thanks for sharing {{hugs}}mandyxx

  4. Your crafting room looks so cozy and truly inviting! thank-you for the peek at where the beautiful creativity comes from!

  5. Det ser väldig städat och ordningsamt ut.
    Jag har en fråga:
    hur förvarar du dina band?
    Just nu har jag mina i en byrolåda, men de bara knyter ihop sig!!
    Kram och godkväll

  6. Thank you Lillemor for sharing your cozy crafting place! :) It´s always so exiting to take little peek everyone´s crafting places :)
    I have to admit, that I´m little envious, cause I just got a little corner in our bedroom. Well, maybe someday I got my own crafting room :)

    Have a lovely day :)



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