måndag 29 mars 2010

About storage...

I always keep looking for cheep and functional
storage. Ansi asked me how I keep my
laces and ribbons.

I bought these doublesided boxes at Ö&B
for about 30 swedish kr. I have several of them.
I have my ribbons organised by colour.
The best thing about them is that they are so
easy to bring when I pack my things for a scrapmeeting!

More storage...
My Dt-friend Camilla has this lovely sweet little storage
for her distresses. This is how my looks, a box from Rusta
with 18 little rooms for my distress inks. I think you have
counted it out that it is not place for all colours...
That is the problem right now... I have some colours
in ink pads- so I just rub them to some plastic and pick
the colour from there- BUT now Mr Holtz made 12
new colours so I really have to have a new distress

I love flowers!!! I keep my Magnoliaflowers in a
special little bucket so I easily can find my Dt-stuff.
My own flowers I keep like this, in boxes from IKEA
In here I have my flowers from wildorchidcrafts.

Here I have my other paperflowers.
I use some small boxes from IKEA and some
big openes cans that I got from my husband.
Have YOU any smart storagetip?
please be free to share them with me
and I love to watch photos from different
craftingplaces... ;o)
Have a nice monday!
I have to go back to work now.
Not my ordinary job, I have eastervacation now.
No, I am repainting my livingroom.
The ceiling and the walls are going to have
some nice new painting before the weekend,
so I´d better get started now!

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  1. Hei Lillemor
    Som takk for alt det nyttige og flotte du deler med oss andre,så har jeg en award til deg i bloggen min :-)
    Klem fra Helle

  2. Hejsan!
    Tack för tipsen! Nu bär det av till ÖB...

  3. Hi lillemor, i have also a lot of ikea boxes ,i put there my flowers, my nestabilities, and distess ink in,i think they are great for storage xx

  4. Tack för alla tips när det gäller att måla med distress markers och reinkers. Tycker att det är kul men gaska svårt men det är väl bara att öva och öva. :D


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