söndag 25 oktober 2009

Magnolia Ink and scrapmeeting!

This weekend is a very busy weekend for me!
Many nice things is happening but usually weekends
passes too fast! First Magnolia Ink has landed in my
postbox as I am one of the DT:s in it, so ecxiting!
I can tell that there is o lot to look at and there is
many beatiful cards and projects.

Today I am going to my regular scrapmeeting
with a couple of friends. I am only going to colour
images today as we´re also having birthdayparty
for my son later tonight...I don´t want to pack all
my bags as I usually do when I go scrapping, it
takes a lot of time just packing/unpacking..... :o)

I wish you alla nice sunday!//Lillemor

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