torsdag 1 april 2010

Piratecard for Magnolia Ink...

Finally my livingroom is ready
and we have moved back the furniture.
It´s amazing how a little painting
can do a total change for a room, lovely!

Today I want to show you the piratecard I made
for the last issue of magnolia Ink.
As you can see it´s a stair step card.
I´ve got questions abot the pirateship,
and I´m sorry to tell you that I don´t have
any template...I just draw by free hand...

Here you can get a sight of Tilda and her
piratefriends in the fog...

I´ve used som 3d-adhesive at her piratehat.

The whole card.
It´s the beach in front. I´ve ripped sandbrown
cardstock to make it look like sand.
In the middle it´s the sea, here I´ve ripped blue
cardstock and put the ship among the waves.
I draw the ship at the back of a black piece of
cardstock and I cut it out with a little sissor. The holes
at the rigg is made by my instant setter.
To the pirateflag I used Magnolias patterned paper.

I have painted on 300 gr aquarellepaper
with distress ink refills.
Thanks for visiting me today,
have a nice day!

10 kommentarer:

  1. A very very beautiful card. I have in Dortmund Creativa in Original see, is very nice.
    Hugs Renate

  2. I have admired your card already in the magazine.
    It's absolutely adorable and I love it!


  3. Absolutely gorgeous !!! It's an amazing creation !!! You are so talented, I'm totally addicted to your style !!!
    Mag :)

  4. Very creatived. Love all details.

  5. wow Gorgeous love every thing the colours the details the stamps all beautiful !!!
    hugs Cora

  6. Your card is amazing.
    It's a beauty to see.

    x Esther

  7. OOOOhhhhh what a great card, love the little pirates xx

  8. Dette kortet er så herlig. Jeg så det i Magnolia Ink og falt pladask. Det var når jeg så dette kortet at jeg viste at jeg måtte kjøpe disse piratene fra Magnolia!

    Klem fra Gøril

  9. Lillemor!
    Jag är helt förälskad, i detta härliga lilla skepp med tre st små lika härliga pirater;)
    Jag behöver inte säga mer, du vet vad jag menar.
    Kramar Camilla

  10. Så sött kort!! Och färgläggningen är som alltid fantastisk =D

    Glad Påsk!


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