onsdag 19 januari 2011

Homemade Glimmermist...

I´ve got questions about my "homemade" glimmermist,
that I so often use on my cards.
It´s a very simple and cheap ( yes, you read correctly ;o) )
way to make your cards even more prettier.
This way you can get a wonderful
golden sparkling effect on your cards.

This is how I do!
I simply take some drops of Opalite.

I put the drops in a mini mister and adds some water
into it. I don´t fill the minimister entirely-
I leave some space to shake around
the golden glimmer and mix it with the water.

Then I spray a "shower" up in the air
and then put the card under the "falling rain".
I never spray directly on the card,
it might be to big glimmerdrops and it will
mess upp the beatiful image...
I do this several times until I am satisfied
with the sparkling effect.

Good Luck!

3 kommentarer:

  1. Oh,thank you for shearing this!!!
    I know about that recipe with ink,elmer's glue,liquid pearls and water.But I'm not satisfied with result.
    I must get that Opalite in my hands!lol.

  2. Tack för ditt tips om Opalite, och jag har testat och det glittrar otroligt mycket mera än Glimmermist:)
    Kramis till dig min vän.

  3. Dear Lillemor,
    Thank you very much for your nice comments for my card, you know, we are on the same boat...I feel so guilty for not commenting back to my readers for a long time:-(
    You had made a great tutorial, I always admire your cardmaking style, so soft and romantic!
    Hope you have a great day !



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