lördag 5 mars 2011

Just some fast shots...

Tonight I show you some fast shots from my craftingroom.
It´s not finished yet, I still need some narrow shelters
for my cards. I´ll get them at IKEA next time I go there.

Nowadays I always have my lap on when I
sit down in here. As I don´t watch much tv
during the weeks, there is always something
to "catch up" with !

I really appriciate that I can have my sewingmachine
up all the time. Then it´s so easy to make
a few stitches here and there!

Tomorrow I will spend some time with my
craftingfriends again, it´s always so funny!
Tonight I will have to pack some bags with
things I can´t craft without...
That would be my new Tildas and my distress ink!

Can you ever get enough of flowers?
I keep them in different storagecans
high and low...

Here I keep some of my favourites.
It´s both my own cards and cards that  I got from very dear friends.

You see that I need a special shelter for cards,
I keep them everywhere!!!
In the background I store my favouritelaces
and some decorations for the season (feathers)
Not very fancy, but I reach them easy-
as I use them so often!

Have a nice saturdayevening!

5 kommentarer:

  1. Det ser verkligen fint ut Lillemor.
    Och jag förstår att du sitter här så ofta du kan.
    Så roligt du ska få imorgon när du tar med dig Tilda på pysselträff.
    Jag ska tänka på dig vännen.
    Kramar Camilla

  2. Your craft area is just gorgeous, Lillemor! It's very spacious. I love Ikea, you can find so much there!

    Have a lovely day!

  3. A great crafty area Lillemor and just love that you have enouhg room to have the sewing machine out all the time!!! Thanks for sharing Chanelle xxxx

  4. Amazing space,
    Hugz Fleur x

  5. Hi Lillemor
    wonderful craftroom you have.
    Please install a translator at your blog, this is perfectly for my, smile.
    Hugs Renate


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