fredag 28 juni 2013

Sea Breeze collection...

Hi there!
Hope you´re all having a great summertime and enjoying
everything there´s to enjoy...
Take the opportunity to just relax a little bit
and feel that it´s ok to not be the most perfect one all the time...
I am having the best summer holiday ever!
I take one day at a time...not making to big plans...
just taking good care of my self and my dear ones!

For me that is reading, walking in my garden, spending time
with my beatiful children, drinking good coffee 
and excercise now and then.

And sit down in my studio
and play with my sweet stamps.
Talking about sweet ones...
soon the new collection See Breeze is out!
Actually I already have them lying on my table in fron of me...
And they are just gorgeuss!!!
Here is a little sneakpeak:

Wishing you a great weekend!
Love & Light

4 kommentarer:

  1. Oh my! I can´t wait to see them!. Elena F.

  2. Høres ut som om du har en Fantastsisk Sommer!.. Nyt den!.. Kos deg masse.. Og Tilda ser Fantastisk ut også :o)

  3. O, I really love these!!! My package did arived today also with this gourges stamp ;-) Hope I have soon time to play with here. Have a nice holiday!!!

    Hugs Lotte

  4. will these stamps be available to buy in online shops? or is this just a special set???please let me know..?


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