lördag 10 november 2012

Magnolia event part 1

Hi friends!
I know I have been late
showing pictures from the Magnolia Event last month...
Sorry for that, but today I can share some pics
from the great days in Borås!

Here is my teammates!
Monique, Camilla, Debbie, Alberto and Chris

Alberto was so happy when the firts customers arrived!

He was ready to go!
Louise and her friend sat down at Debbies table to learn
how to colour  the snowman  Debbies way.

Many guests wanted to meet Debbie!

Chris was teaching how to colour
her special way, just beatiful!

This young man did a great job!!!
Nice ladies from Avesta in Sweden.

Long way guests...

Chris is such a nice and warm lady!

This fantastic card was admired all day,
just a piece of art!

And here we can see Camillas incredible cards...
Like a dream!

I will come back with more pictures
very soon so hang on!


10 kommentarer:

  1. What great pictures! It looks like everyone had a great time - thank you for posting them! Tracey x

  2. Looks like fun was had by everyone. Will have to save up for the next time
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  3. How awesome to see all these photo's.
    thank you for sharing them.
    hugs maz

  4. Thank you for sharing your wonderful event :) It´s always so nice to see pictures with smiley faces :)


  5. I wish I was there... Must have been a dream! :o).. I loved to see the photos.. Thank you so much for sharing.. ! :o)

  6. Ahahahah i look orrible on each photos! LOL
    thank you so much for share these! my mom and dad was so happy to see!
    and...i miss you already, dear!

    see you soon, maybe?

  7. Great pics!! I love how Alby says i look orrible!! xxx
    Your teamies are all fabulous and thanks for sharing.
    Love,mel. xxx

  8. Så flotte bilder Lillemor!! Det er ut som om dere hadde det veldig morsomt!:))) Takk for at du deler!
    Klemmer fra Camilla

  9. Kul att se lite bilder. Ni måste har haft en mycket roligt tid.
    Kram Sinikka

  10. What can I say, you are the sweetest Lillemor <3 and I love the photo's....normally I try to keep out of them as much as possible LOL but you are a great photographer! So good to see these as I didn't have any until now of anyone at my table, it's so good to see that.

    I tell you, I can't put away the beautiful tag you gave me, it's a constant source of inspiration to me at the moment together with my beautiful shaker card from Camilla and name tag from Debbie, you girls are the best! Big hugs, Chris x


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