tisdag 13 november 2012

Magnolia event part 2!

Hi again!
Here we go again...
I have so many good emories from Magnolias event
in Borås that I want to share with you.
So let´s start:
Here is Chris and Camilla H talking between
Chris workshops. Chris showed us some
good tips about brushes, thanks dear Chris!

 I have been a big admirer of Chris cards ever sence
she became the covergirl for Magnolia Inks
christmasissue 2009! And I can tell you that her cards
are even more amazing IRL!!!

Monique is my very talented teamie from Netherlands.
Here she showed her colouring.

She worked with a waterbrush.

Monique had inked up an aqrulic acetat with
dsitress ink pads and picked up the colour from there.
Debbie teached how to make beatiful
christmascards. She gave us a lot of good tips
and ideas aswell, just great to see her working!

Even if everyone is colouring the same image,
they all turns out different and with a personal touch.

Look! No, you don´t see wrong...there were even
men visiting the Magnolia Event, haha!
They were supporting their wifes in a lovely way.

Here are Alberto and his lovely mama Christina!
She is absolutely super! Though she didn´t know a
word English she supported her son all weekend.

Teacher Alberto!

Alberto is teaching what to do with the black pen:
Everyone who have been following his process

as cardmaker know that he is the king of shadows!
Just take a look at the photo here:

I have no words to describe this talented young man...
He is amazing! And beside his talent he is a very kind and
funny young man and I´m so happy to have met him!

Even some young artists joined Albertos workshop, how fun!

Alberto is writing a special greeting- for me!

Thanks to all of you who came and joined

us these days in Borås, it was really terrific!
So nice to talk to you and get a "face" to
names in cyberspace.


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  1. More pics!!! Woohoo!! I can only imagine how magical event you all had :) Thank you for sharig these photos :) You´re all amazing :)


  2. WOW Lillemor that's a beautiful post! Thank you for your sweet words and it's so good to see your photo's which are different to all that I've seen elsewhere.

    I had the absolute best time and it was and I loved meeting you at last, a dream come true for me! I hope to visit Sweden again one day and until then I'll treasure the memories of our wonderful weekend.

    Big hugs,
    Chris x

  3. p.s I've been trying to comment on your blog for a couple of weeks but have had blogger troubles with some blogs here and there. I made the sparkle mist and I just love it, thank you for sharing your recipe with me. x

  4. Hej Lillemor!

    The pictures are beautiful, it's was an unforgettable weekend, thanks to you, my DT friends, Magnolia and all the sweet people I have met, thank you for beeing so sweet. You're in my heart!

    Big hugs and kisses!
    Monique xxx

  5. Gorgeous pictures! your all so super talented, I always love seeing your beautiful projects.
    Love, Mel. xx

  6. Awesome pics, thanks for sharing
    HUGZ Fleur xXx

  7. Hi Lillemor,
    It's so cool to see what you have made and so great for your teammates to see and meet. Especially since they come from anywhere. Very nice that we were allowed to look over your shoulder ;p
    Hugs, Karin

  8. Härligt att se mer bilder. Tack för att du delar med dig detta event
    Kram Sinikka

  9. whoow so lovely my dream ever would be to go to boras to the magnolia store but i never know when that one is comming out.
    really love the stunning cards they are so beautifull i been a follower for a while now and really love your cards with a vintage touch.
    alberto´s card really look beautifull ass wel but i don´t know his blog adress i can´t find it at google.
    thanks for showing us the nice pictures though.

    hugs, Celine

  10. Hi Lilemor,
    Alberto is a great friend of mine... I love him. This reportage is fantastic and I recognized one of my pins (that pink and green) on the Alberto's card... wow, my pin in Sweden!!!
    Your cards are the "little big" masterpieces.
    I hope to meet you one day... sooner or later!
    Sorry for my fanciful English!
    xoxoxo Eulalia from Italy


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